The business

About Us

STAMPH is a brand new company, whose vision about the product we mainly manufacture, tank heads, is very focused on quality, finishes and the added value of customer service.

At STAMPH we are committed to meeting the needs and requests of our customers, the only limits are marked by our HIDRO E/D and even now there are less. We like to have this idea as clear as our customers can have it about their design or concept.

Why STAMPH? The difference

Exclusive filling process + hydro forming

Thanks to the STAMPH'S HIDRO E/D press, the largest and most powerful in the market, unique for us and our customers.

Bigger thicknesses

We are the only tank heads manufacturing company capable of supporting bigger thicknesses thanks to our advanced technology. Being able to adapt to the different needs of the customer and bring greater resistance and security to the final product.